Zoom Physio

As the NHS continues to try and both recover from the acute phases of the pandemic and simultaneously provide normal services alongside the ongoing pandemic we are aware that waiting lists and times are increasing across the NHS.
Unfortunately we have very little influence over hospital based waiting lists, but can start to try and input additional provisions to help support local community services and our patients.
With this in mind we are very pleased to announce the arrival of a practice based MSK/Physio Practitioner service.
This development has been a joint venture with our 2 neighbouring surgeries Matlock and Ashover Practice, and CREDAS Medical Centre through some of our Primary Care Network workings.
Some of you may already have had an appointment with David Meech our MSK Practitioner in the surgery, or have been given the details of an interactive physio programme David is overseeing.
Zoom Physio is a supported programme which allows you to engage in a programme of care specific to your area of pain with input from the allocated MSK team where required.
If you are interested in either using the web based physio service or arranging to see David in surgery for a new presentation of a muscular or skeletal injury or pain, please ask our receptionists for further details or click in the post link for further details.