Clinics We Offer

Chronic Disease Management

The practice operates recall systems to ensure that patients with ongoing medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, or asthma are offered regular supervision. The check-ups for these conditions are undertaken in regular surgery appointments by the doctors and some of the practice nurses. Many of the checks require blood tests to be taken by the health care assistants about two weeks prior to the review appointment.

Minor Surgery

Skin surgery is undertaken in the treatment room at the surgery by Anya Grist our Advanced Clinical Practitioner. Any patients who feel they may benefit from this service are asked to make an appointment with Anya Grist to enable appropriate arrangements to be made.

Sexual Health

If you feel that you need advice with your sexual health the team are available at the surgery every first Friday of the month.

Sexual health services are free and available to everyone, regardless of sex, age, ethnic origin and sexual orientation. If you have a disability and have special requirements, or if English is not your first language, you should speak to the staff at the clinic before visiting.        

Call the service 0800 328 3383

Online Bookings

Family Planning

Our nurses are able to offer advice on a variety of contraceptive measures. These are dealt with during routine surgery appointments.

We also have the Sexual health team available at the surgery every first Friday of the month who can also discuss your needs.

Maternity Services

Ante natal care is supervised by midwives based at the Darley Birthing Centre attached to the Whitworth hospital, this is also where most of the routine appointments take place. Patients who find they are pregnant should contact them on 01629 593019. The midwives will then arrange an appointment. Dating and other scans are arranged at Chesterfield Royal Hospital. The midwives will discuss the options available for delivery of the baby, and also arrange appropriate post natal care at home.

Whitworth Hospital

All of the partners hold clinical assistant posts at Whitworth hospital, the local community hospital for the Matlock area. This means that they are involved in supervising the medical care of patients from the practice and elsewhere during their admission to Whitworth.

Patients can also be referred to Whitworth as outpatients for physiotherapy or to have routine X-rays performed. A minor injuries unit is also situated at Whitworth which patients can attend for help with relatively straightforward injuries. The minor injuries is open 8am - 8pm you can contact them on 01629 580211

 The community nursing team are also located at the Whitworth Hospital. To contact them please call them on 01332 564900. The District Nursing team are responsible for managing patients in the community who cannot attend surgery. They also check up on patients who have recently been discharged from hospital for wound care etc.

NHS Hearing Clinic

A dedicated hearing clinic , Scrivens,  will be at the surgery for all patients over 55 with a hearing loss. This service will give patients more choice for their hearing care. If you are concerned about your hearing, then please book an appointment with Scrivens who will discuss your concerns in more detail and check that there is no other condition, such as excessive wax that may be affecting your hearing.


Counselling can be arranged by self referring or a referral from one of the clinical staff. Counselling can be helpful in dealing with issues like:

  • Bereavement and loss,
  • Relationship and personal problems,
  • Family Problems;
  • Work and unemployment issues;
  • Stress;
  • Anxiety and Depression;
  • Emotional Problems. 

Counselling is not about giving advice. It is intended to help people become more aware of their own resources, find options, and make choices that are right for them.

MSK Practitioner

David Meech is a MSK Practitioner and has a clinic here with Lime Grove Medical Centre on a Tuesday. David deals with patients who have problems with back, neck, shoulder, hand, knee, ankle and all other muscle related complaints and pains. He can offer different solutions such as physiotherapy and referrals for MRI/x-ray.